Tips For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Losing your boyfriend can be a devastating experience. You may find yourself overwhelmed with emotions and stress. Here is how to get your ex-boyfriend back – our top tips.

Think about what happened

Before you plan on how to get your ex back it is prudent to take some time and think about what may have gone wrong with your relationship. If you were in the wrong it is encouraged that you take responsibility for your mistake and decide to change. Talk to a close friend, relative or professional counselor to get a second opinion on your relationship.

Initiate communications

If you have not been talking to your ex, it is time for you to start making the first moves. Send a short good morning or goodnight message and wait for his response. At this stage do not push anything just stay calm.

Let him know you miss him

Once you are in talking terms it may be wise for you to occasionally let him know that you miss spending time with him. This should be done in a subtle manner just to ensure that he does not feel pressurized.

Ask for a date

If you used to go out over the weekend or in the evening try asking him to go out with you at such a time. Give him time to think about it and prepare for the date.

Do not flirt to make him jealous

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to flirt with other men on social media or in the neighborhood with the hope of making him jealous. This may only push him farther away.

Dress to impress

On the day of the date, you need to look your best. This will help rekindle the passion you once had at the beginning of the relationship. Dressing up will let him realize what he is really missing. Putting on that dress he loves and accessorizing well can do the trick.

Have fun

Once you meet him it is important that you have fun and avoid looking sad or depressed because of the breakup. As the date progresses and you both feel comfortable with each other again let him know that you would like to have another chance to make the relationship work.